Buy now: Five must-have accessories for fashionistas in 2024

tory burch purse and vaneli shoes at guadalupe resale shop

We have all shown up to work or a dinner party wearing the same outfit as a colleague, friend or family member.

It can be awkward.

Sure, we might later laugh about the coincidence, but one way to avoid an unintentional “twinning” moment at your next gathering is by accessorizing. Even if you do happen to wear the same blouse, no one will notice – they’ll be too captivated by your insatiable sense of style!

In 2024, fashionistas are eyeing these five must-have accessories to create a standout look at their next event:

  • Handbags: Stylish shoulder bags, satchels, totes and clutches come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Many fashionistas opt for more conservative hues in their clothing choices, but handbags can add just the right amount of flash to enhance a look.
  • Jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings offer another opportunity to sparkle. Diamonds, gold and silver draw both attention and compliments.
  • Hats: Panama, fascinator, brim and other types of headpieces create a distinctive look, almost like a throwback to a bygone era.
  • Belts: Fabric, leather and chains of varying colors and widths accentuate the waistline while defining a silhouette.
  • Scarves and wraps: Southwest Florida has a short scarf-wearing season. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase bold colors and unique prints that contrast or complement the color you’re wearing.

accessories at guadalupe resale shopThe key when shopping for accessories is to venture beyond department stores, big box retailers and online marketplaces. Shopping at retailers where shipments arrive by the pallet is how you end up “twinning” in the first place.

When preparing for a night on the town, picture the red carpet in Hollywood. Professional stylists spend months, and tens of thousands of dollars – or more – curating the right “look” for their celebrity clients. Although commentators may note an actor or musician is wearing Valentino, Versace or Armani, a modest little black dress paired with shimmering jewelry and a cute clutch can be equally stunning.

necklace at guadalupe resale shopBecause Southwest Florida is home to a thriving resale scene, fashionistas have ample opportunities to create a red carpet look on a red tag budget. At Guadalupe Resale Shop, for instance, shoppers have paired eveningwear from Ann Taylor, Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein and Elie Tahari with one-of-a-kind fashion accessories that often are handmade, vintage or designer-quality and sold at a fraction of the price. As a bonus: every purchase at Guadalupe Resale Shop supports high-quality educational programs that create endless possibilities for students in Immokalee.

While the way a person dresses is an expression of style, where and how a person shops is an expression of character. Shop early and shop often, Southwest Florida.

– By Greethel Leon, Manager of Guadalupe Resale Shop.