Early Childhood Education

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Setting Students up for Success from Infancy to Age 5

Guadalupe Center is setting students up for success from infancy to age 5 with a fully accredited high-quality Early Childhood Education Program in Immokalee, Florida. Our generous donors enable us to use a sliding-scale for tuition based on a family’s ability to pay. On average, families pay $50 per week in year-round tuition.

We are currently able to reach more than 550 students annually, with over 100 Voluntary Pre-kindergarten graduates, 95% of which are “kindergarten-ready”.

While our impact keeps growing and reaching more students in creative and innovative ways, the need is greater than our nonprofit’s current capacity. The waitlist for Early Childhood Education at Guadalupe Center currently surpasses 260 babies and toddlers, from ages six weeks to three years old. But with your support, the possibilities are endless!

How Early Childhood Education Makes a Difference


A high-quality birth-to-five program for disadvantaged students can deliver:

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*Heckman, James J. (2016). The Lifecycle Benefits of an Early Childhood Education

The research is clear… To break the cycle of poverty, we must start with early childhood education. Why? Because the first five years are critical to a child’s development, laying the foundation for future learning. During these formative years, a child’s brain develops by 90%! The positive impact of a high-quality Early Childhood Education can set children up for a lifetime of success. With 97% of students in Immokalee currently designated as economically needy, Early Childhood Education is more important than ever.

Our Credentials

The following credentials attest to the quality of Guadalupe Center’s Early Childhood Education Program:

  • Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (APPLE)
  • Five Stars from the Southwest Florida Stars Quality Rating & Improvement System
  • Gold Seal Quality Care Program from the Department of Children & Families (DCF)
  • GOLD recognition as a Florida Healthy Early Care & Education Center
our credentials

“Guadalupe Center students stand out from day one in kindergarten.”
Kamela Patton, Superintendent of Collier County Public Schools

Why Invest in Guadalupe Center’s Early Childhood Education Program?

Government-funded programs such as Head Start and voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK), while important, don’t reach children until the age of four or five. Therefore, the cost of childcare falls on hardworking parents in Immokalee. Many of them struggle to put food on their table, much less pay for a fully accredited educational program. As a result, many children will not be ready for school on the first day of kindergarten. That is, unless there is much needed philanthropic support. Generous donors enable Guadalupe Center to provide its high-quality Early Childhood Education Program, which serves children from six weeks old to age five.

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