As seen on TV: Thrifting for holiday gifts

thrifting for holiday gifts

Thrifting has become trendy as shoppers visit resale stores in search of one-of-a-kind gifts on a budget.

Two of Guadalupe Resale Shop’s distinguished volunteers, Phyllis Ettinger and Missy Behan, appeared live on ABC7 to offer Southwest Floridians some shopping inspiration. The segment, Thrifting for Holiday Gifts, ran six minutes and covered a lot of ground:

  • The art and impact of regifting
  • How the Resale Shop evaluates and researches donations
  • How to make an impression with leave-behind tableware
  • What types of gifts are well-received by loved ones

Phyllis and Missy pulled items for the thrifting segment directly from the showroom floor, including a pewter wine decanter made in 1780 and a nostalgic red rotary phone dated 1952. Other items included an antique model car, designer handbag, golf clubs and more.

“I’d be over the moon if I got something like what we have up here,” anchor Greg Parker noted.

“These are beautiful,” Greg said about a vintage pearl necklace. “My wife would look amazing in this.”

A discussion about thrifting and the leave-behind tableware trend focused on a limoges porcelain cake pedestal topped with freshly baked cookies and covered in decorative wrapping.

“I would cry is somebody left these behind for me,” said anchor Anyssa Bohanan. “I’d be like ‘Oh, my gosh!’ because I usually just bring over a paper plate full of cookies.”