Captivating sculpture finds new home, funds new educational opportunities

Guadalupe Resale Shop

Bargain hunters recognize that resale stores offer opportunities to score great deals on furniture, clothing and accessories.

Now, art collectors are experiencing the same sense of euphoria when visiting Guadalupe Resale Shop in North Naples.

Recently, a generous supporter donated a prized sculpture by renowned hyperrealist artist Marc Sijan. “Janet,” the name given by her donors, was part of Sijan’s Standing Barefoot collection and was as lifelike as they come, right down to flesh tones, freckles, eyelashes and skin imperfections.

Guadalupe Resale ShopGuadalupe Resale Shop positioned Janet at the front entrance so shoppers could appreciate the beautiful work of art. One of those admirers was Aldo Castillo, an international art curator who recently opened a new gallery on Fifth Avenue South in Naples. Castillo is quite familiar with Sijan’s work, noting that some of his sculptures have sold for upwards of $30,000 to $40,000

“I have traveled the world and know what really good artwork looks like, and this piece is spectacular,” Castillo said.

Many of Sijan’s works are nudes. Castillo said this sculpture is rare in that she’s fully clothed and was well-preserved by her former owners.

This isn’t the first time an art aficionado has found treasure at Guadalupe Resale Shop. Last year, art collector Ron Woods purchased an original oil painting by S. Lewiston depicting a Venetian canal bordered by Italian villas. The painting was later appraised for $2,000 and ultimately made its way to Canada, where it’s now the centerpiece of a senior living facility’s library and conservatory.

“It’s not unusual to find a treasure in a store like Guadalupe Resale Shop,” Castillo said. “People in Naples donate some very nice things.”

Those “nice things” are then resold, helping to fund educational programs that serve more than 1,400 students annually.

“Higher-end donations like the Marc Sijan sculpture ultimately mean we’ll be able to create additional educational opportunities for students in Immokalee,” said Bob Spano, vice president of programs at Guadalupe Center. “Both donors and customers at the Resale Shop are having a tremendous impact on our programs, our students and our community.”

It’s estimated that the sculpture’s sale will allow Guadalupe Center to outfit a preschool class with music and art supplies for an entire school year.

In addition to artwork, the Resale Shop accepts donations of quality furniture, home décor, kitchenware, lamps, linens, DVDs and CDs, books and more, as well as all types of new and gently used ladies and men’s clothing, including accessories such as jewelry, purses and nearly new shoes.

Donors can claim tax deductions because Guadalupe Center is a nonprofit.

Meanwhile, Castillo said buyers also have a financial incentive to purchase high-end pieces of artwork.

“People buy art for their enjoyment, but it’s also a wise investment,” Castillo said. “Unlike real estate or the stock market, artwork generally does not lose its value.”

Castillo didn’t begin his relationship with Guadalupe Resale Shop as a shopper. He started as a donor, dropping off household items and clothing. While the location was convenient, Castillo said the cause captured his support.

“I believe in their mission,” Castillo said. “Guadalupe Center is providing an education that will change the lives of these children.”

Guadalupe Resale Shop is located at 12980 Tamiami Trail N., Unit 10, in Naples. The showroom is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, please call 239-594-2696.