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Our GEMs make an impact all year long!

When you Give Every Month, your impact multiplies throughout the year, and you become someone our students can count on. There are many reasons why monthly giving matters, here’s three you may not have considered.
  1. The ongoing success of our students and programs depends on generous supporters, like you. The majority of Guadalupe Center’s funding comes from individual contributions, including monthly gifts.
  2. Reliable monthly donations increase our stability and sustainability, guaranteeing endless possibilities for future generations.
  3. Monthly giving is an affordable and convenient way to make an impact all year long.

Choose Your Impact

can provide 3 months of after-school tutoring 
a month can help fund academic support for our after-school students.
a month can help fund crucial college preparatory workshops.

Are you ready to become a GEM?

Click the button below, email Maria Bustamante at or call (239) 657-7141 to set up your recurring gift today!